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About Nonu

Service: I want to work for your server as a Collab manager or Moderator Experience: I have been doing this job for the last 2 years and I had experience. I had experience in some earlier and I had all necessary experience related to collab and giveaway bots I make wl or fcfs giveaway Work: I can Collab our server with other big servers so their members will join our server and it will create hype of our project among members, i can be active in chat for 12-15 hours can handle spams , bot attacks etc Quality: can Make 20+ collab per day Done work : Yomazuka Family , zebrarepublic,meta Morphies, Metaverse comiclub,dino kids club,planet of cyborgs, nordia for future, Ugly Duck , Lootworld, Ape society , moon strikes more


Depends upon work