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About Centurion16

I am an experienced investor on Solana and Polygon blockchain and I am collaborating with the biggest Spanish YouTuber on DeFi managing his Instagram account. With this position as a Whitepaper Creator I am looking to give projects the design and the writing they deserve, as I have read lot of whitepapers really poor written up and designed which is, from my point of view, a blunder as the Whitepaper is the front door for serious investors that want to jump into the project with regards in the long term without takin into account the short term profit and flips.


Depending on the length of the Whitepaper and the guidelines given by the project: maybe from 30 to 50$ each whitepaper (approximate length of 5 fully design and wrriten pages). If I like the project I would do it for entering on the WL + small price.